The organization runs to campaigns to achieve its goal. The campaigns are “Shrm- people’s republic campaign” and “save natural heritage campaign”. Objectives of the campaign and specific goal are as follow.

Save natural heritage campaign

Save Natural Heritage Campaign is a flagship program of Shramyog to conserve and enhance natural heritage (Nature). Shramyog believes that development without harmony with nature is worthless. Therefore Shramyog facilitates local people to conserve and manage water, forest, land and biodiversity in a participatory manner. In addition, we facilitate local people to provide active response to climate change and natural disasters. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to builds harmony between human and nature and the programe is running successfully in Sult & Naini Danda blocks of Uttarakhand.

Shram- People’s Republic campaign

Shram-people’s republic campaign is a flagship program of Shramyog to reduce poverty and hunger. Shramyog believes that weak social capital and lack of livelihoods opportunities are root cause of poverty and hunger. Usually marginal people remain material deprived, asset less, dependent, voiceless, powerless, isolated and vulnerable in the absence of strong social capital and regular income. Therefore Shramyog motivates local people to establish community based institutions to strengthen social capital and facilitate backward and forward linkages to supplement livelihoods.